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Module 3:

Expected and Actual Turnover

One of the most difficult aspects in the calculation of loss of Gross Profit is the derivation of expected Turnover. This tutorial is a must for those that want to master the art of Business Interruption.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Learn the theory behind the calculation of Standard Turnover, what influences affect sales performance, and work through examples of good and bad practice.

The 5 Key Criteria

What Impacts Sales Performance?

Turnover is affected by seasonality, but generally follows a long term trending pattern influenced from time to time by one off factors such as the GFC.

The Sole Purpose Test

Determining the Indemnity Period

The indemnity Period begins at the date of the Event and ends when the business ceases to be affected. It does not start at the beginning of the month during which the Event occurs, nor does it continue after the business returns to normal.